Terms of Use

De Milos (hereinafter "the Company") has created the website www.demilos.gr (hereinafter the « Website "), in order to promote the restaurant (hereinafter" Store "), while providing the public with the opportunity to make an online table reservation. The use of the Website as well as the individual services, offered through it, is subject to these Terms of Use and the applicable Privacy Policy of the Company, which is analyzed below. The use of the Website (even the simple browsing of it) indicates the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy by the user, as they apply at all times. Your continued use of the Website following modifications to these Terms is construed as acceptance of such modifications.

The company reserves the right for any reason to exclude from the use of the Website any user, if it deems that its conduct either violates any terms of this and / or any legal provision at its sole discretion.
Also the Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms, by simply posting on the Website. In particular, the Company reserves the right to modify, remove, revoke or supplement the terms and conditions for the use of the Website at any time and without prior notice, and these modifications will be applicable immediately. In addition, the Company may adapt, modify, remove, configure, terminate at any time the operation of the Website, as well as any of its individual elements, photograph, presentation or description of any product or service. For this reason you are invited each time before using the Website to visit these terms and confirm that you agree with them.

The Company can not guarantee the uninterrupted and without technical errors operation of the Website and bears no responsibility to the users for any damages resulting from the improper operation or the interruption of access to it.

In the next step the user will have to fill in a form with his personal data. Specifically, the user must complete:

1. His Name .

2. A valid and active e-mail address (‘e-mail’), which has been legally assigned to him. A confirmation email will be sent to this address by the Company, stating the personal data, completed by the user as well as the details of his reservation. The user guarantees that this address is real, real, that he is the legal beneficiary and user of it and that it is under his complete and exclusive control. The user must take appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized access and use of his / her e-mail address and acknowledges and accepts that any communication using this e-mail address is presumed to be from, addressed and received by him / her.

3. The mobile phone number , which he has legally possessed, only for direct communication with the user regarding the reservation. The user must be the legal holder of the number.

The user regarding all the above information, which he registers, states and guarantees that it is accurate and true and does not offend anyone in any way, and accepts that in case of finding false information, the online reservation he has made is canceled (no valid) of the Company without any responsibility. For this reason, each user hereby grants the right to the Company to check the accuracy and truthfulness of the users' data in any way that the Company deems appropriate at its absolute discretion.

The Company reserves the right to request from the user the registration of additional data on the one hand in the process of its verification and identification and on the other hand in order to enable the implementation of some of the services provided through the Website.

For each new booking, you must follow the same procedure for filling in users' personal data.

Booking Procedure and Terms

Beneficiary of the reservation is the user, who has submitted the request for online reservation through the above procedure. In case the user wishes the reservation to be made in the name of another beneficiary, he informs the store about it, either by phone at 22870 41159, or by e-mail at info@demilos.gr

Each reservation is valid and binding on the Company (except in cases of force majeure and unforeseen events) for the day and time of arrival as well as for a specific number of persons, which the user has stated in the electronic form of submission of his request. In case the user does not appear in the store on the day and time for which he has submitted an electronic request, and / or in case the user wants a table of more or less people, the Company can serve him depending on availability of. The Company in this case bears no responsibility for the ability to serve the user.

Any person from the number of persons declared by the user, for whom the electronic reservation has been made, must necessarily at the time of arrival inform the competent employees of the Company, regarding the online reservation, stating the details of the user, who made the online reservation in order to be served.

The reservation is valid for the Company, as submitted by the user. If the user wishes to modify the reservation for any reason, he should follow the cancellation procedure of the reservation, as described below and resubmit an online reservation request, filling in the relevant form from the beginning.

It is explicitly clarified that the Company does not bear any responsibility in case the online booking details are leaked to non-eligible persons.   

Cancellation policy

Cancellations of reservations by the user are made exclusively by e-mail or through the link "Order cancellation", which exists in the email booking confirmation or by sending an email to the email address info@demilos.gr . Canceling a reservation (as well as the reservation itself) does not burden the user.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the following indicative cases (a) In cases where the store can not make the online reservation due to power outages, technical problems, weather conditions or other reasons of force majeure, (b ) In case the store has been leased by a third party for exclusive service (eg special events) (c) in case for any reason it loses the right to operate the store or the cessation of its commercial operation (d) in case a specific user has been deemed undesirable by the Company due to a statement of untrue information or repeated cancellations and / or untimely visits. In these cases, the Company will make every effort to inform the relevant user or users within a reasonable period of time.

User Responsibility

You who visit and use the Website accept that you will use it in accordance with the law and good manners.

You undertake not to use the Website for the transmission or retransmission of illegal and / or immoral and / or harmful content in any way, or content and information that infringes any right such as the personality, intellectual and / or industrial property of any third party, or otherwise in any provision of law or contract.

You undertake not to transmit through or to the Website software viruses or any other technically harmful information about the Website and do not commit any breach of this code or its security codes.

Company Guarantees - Limitation of Liability

The company guarantees that during the execution of this contract the due diligence appropriate to the transactions and this contract

The Company, its employees and / or its representatives do not guarantee and are exempt from any liability regarding:

a) the uninterrupted and defective operation of the Website

b) for the uninterrupted operation of its store

c) for any compensation (consequential, incidental, direct, indirect or special) or costs or penalties, including - indicatively and not restrictively - those resulting from lost profits, business interruption, loss of information, data or , the loss or damage of property, as well as claims of third parties that may arise in connection with the use, copying, or presentation of the Website or its contents or any other linked website, regardless of whether the Company knew or should have known this chance.

The Company is released from any liability for the execution of the present in case of force majeure.